NOFX's Fat Mike Comes Clean about Controversial Piss Incident

NOFX's Fat Mike Comes Clean about Controversial Piss Incident

Punk rock's biggest practical joker just got us yet again. NOFX front-man and Fat Wreck Chords kingpin Fat Mike (known in more formal circles as Mike Burkett) has issued a video showing exactly what happened behind the scenes at his controversial one-off solo gig where he apparently served the unknowing crowd his own urine at this year's SXSW. And it turns out that everyone got hot and bothered over nothing.

 Fat Mike performed the March 20 gig under the guise of Cokie the Clown, a character from a NOFX song. The strange, uncomfortable performance closed with video footage shot before Mike came on stage, showing him apparently urinating into a tequila bottle that he then served fans shots out of. However, it turns out Mike's a bit of a magician and did a sleight of hand during the videotaped urinating, and has now released video footage of the whole thing.

The video shows Mike urinating into a bottle, but then grabbing a non-peed-in bottle before taking the stage. It ends with the word "suckers" appears on the screen. Well played, Burkett.

The truly amazing part, however, is that he kept the whole thing going this long, considering he has apparently been banned from Emo's (the Austin, TX venue where the gig occurred) and was at one point being investigated by the Austin Health Department for serving up his own urine.

Whatever Mike's intentions were, he did succeed in getting people talking. And we all believed he gave people his own urine to drink, which either says something about him, or about all of us; we're not quite sure.

Check out the video right here: