Noel Gallagher Includes One-Star Review in 'Who Built the Moon?' Ad

Go out and buy this "dried up oasis of dross"
Noel Gallagher Includes One-Star Review in 'Who Built the Moon?' Ad
Noel Gallagher pushed the boundaries of traditional instrumentation on his latest High Flying Birds record Who Built the Moon?, but it wasn't enough to earn the album universal acclaim. The former Oasis dude seems to be taking some of the less-than-kind reviews in stride, however, including a particularly harsh one in a new television advert for the album.
In his meagre one-star review for the Irish Times, Ian Maleney called Gallagher's sound "a particularly guileless, tub-thumping, broad-strokes version of this pungent, hollowed-out genre" of rock music, dubbed Gallagher's lyrics "mind-numbing" and described moments that "would be a cause of embarrassment if you heard them played by a gang of black-clad teenagers at a Saturday afternoon battle of the bands in a rural parish hall."
And yet, despite Maleney's conclusion that Who Built the Moon? is "the stale, musty sound of a glorified pub band going through the motions," Gallagher's team have included a quote from the review in their most recent marketing campaign.
A commercial recently aired in the UK, featuring the text: "a dried up oasis of dross" — alongside that one, single, beaming star.
It remains unclear whether the stunt was an intern's joke gone horribly wrong or just an instance of a troll trolling, but either way it's pretty hilarious.
See screenshots from the ad in question below.