Nirvana's Nevermind Baby Re-enacts Famous Photo As A Teenager

Nirvana's <i>Nevermind</i> Baby Re-enacts Famous Photo As A Teenager
On the list of things you need to see before you die, a photo recreation of Nirvana’s classic Nevermind cover likely isn’t one of them, especially when it comes with the baby substituted with a goofy high school student. But what do you know? We now suddenly have one. Seventeen years after Kirk Weddle shot the iconic Nevermind photo, its star, Spencer Elden, has done it all over again, complete with a dollar bill on a fishing hook and, thank god, this time a pair of shorts.

Elden — who’s now in high school — recently recreated the album cover in the same pool as the original, the Rose Bowl Aquatic Center, in Pasadena, CA, Music Radar reports. Why? Well, only Elden seems to know the answer to that.

"It's kind of creepy that many people have seen me naked. I feel like I'm the world's biggest porn star,” Elden said of photo in an interview with MTV last year.

However, along with his parents getting a measly $200 for Elden’s modelling services, being the Nevermind baby does apparently have its perks.

"I have to use stupid pickup lines like, 'You want to see my penis... again?'" Ummm... never mind, maybe that’s not such a perk.

Cruelty to the Nevermind baby