Nine Inch Nails Surprise Release Two New Albums

'Ghosts V: Together' and 'Ghosts VI: Locusts' are available for free download now

BY Sarah MurphyPublished Mar 26, 2020

Nine Inch Nails have unexpectedly released two new albums, Ghosts V: Together and Ghosts VI: Locusts.
They are both available for free download now and are expected to arrive on streaming platforms later today.
In a statement, band leader Trent Reznor explained that he and Atticus Ross "decided to burn the midnight oil and complete these new Ghosts records as a means of staying somewhat sane."
He also explained that Ghosts V: Together is "for when things seem like it might all be okay," while Ghosts VI: Locusts — "well, you'll figure it out."
"It made us feel better to make these and it feels good to share them," Reznor added. "Music has always had a way of making us feel a little less alone in the world… and hopefully it does for you, too. Remember, everyone is in this thing together and this too shall pass."
The pair of instrumental albums mark the follow-ups to the 2008 four-album set Ghosts.
Download Ghosts V: Together and Ghosts VI: Locusts here.

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