​Nicki Minaj Skewers Puppet Rappers in "Barbie Dreams" Video

​Nicki Minaj Skewers Puppet Rappers in 'Barbie Dreams' Video
Nicki Minaj may be embroiled in some heated Cardi B beef (again), but that hasn't deterred her from putting male rappers in their place in her new video for "Barbie Dreams."
Originally interpreted as a diss track against the likes of DJ Khaled, Meek Mill, Lil Wayne and pretty much every other rapper out there, Minaj insisted it was all in good fun.
The new clip was directed by Hype Williams, and it depicts the aforementioned rappers as colourful puppets. As for Minaj, she seems to be channelling Big Bird and Elmo for some of her colourful outfit choices.
Watch the fun clip below.