Nickelback Respond to NFL Halftime Petition via Funny or Die Sketch

Nickelback Respond to NFL Halftime Petition via Funny or Die Sketch
We never thought we'd say this, but score one for Nickelback. The BC-based bro-rock quartet just teamed up with comedy website Funny or Die to tackle all the hate the band's received of late regarding their upcoming halftime performance at this Thursday's (November 24) Detroit Lions/Green Bay Packers game.

The clip finds a fictional exec at EKG Records (played by Paul Scheer), breakin' it to the dudes that the 'Back is in serious hot water, namely over the online petition that attempted to block the halftime gig, but also over rumours that, among other things, they spread STDs and are noted "goat fuckers."

"You guys fuck goats?" Scheer asks, prompting bandleader Chad Kroeger to respond, "We make love to goats," before botching a fist-bump with bass-playing brother Mike.

Attempting to revamp their image, the boys decided to pull a full-blown tribute to Motor City, dressing as Detroit favourites Alice Cooper, Dave Coulier and Robocop, and get ready to blast out a Motown sound. The sketch ends with the act abandoning the revamp and Chad nicking his tinfoil Robocop outfit, so here's hoping he trots it out on stage this American Thanksgiving.

Regardless, between Nickelback and Odd Future, EKG sure has a troubled roster.

For all the crap Nickelback arguably deserves over their radio rock jams, kudos goes to Kroeger and co. for not taking their infamy so seriously. Unless you managed to "nickelblock" any mention of the crew from your computer yesterday (November 21), you can check out the comedy clip below.