Nick Storring 'Endless Conjecture' (album stream)

Nick Storring 'Endless Conjecture' (album stream)
This fall, we praised Nick Storring's experimental opus Gardens for being "utterly gorgeous," and now the Torontonian has already branched out with a new release. Endless Conjecture came out this week on Orange Milk Records, and it can be streamed now in full.

This cassette consists of four pieces, which range from three minutes to almost 19 minutes in length. An announcement notes that the inventive, organic, difficult-to-pin-down soundscapes use "next to nothing in terms of electronic tampering." These collages of sound often avoid traditional notions of melody in favour of unpredictably shifting textures.

Here's how Storring describes the release:

The tape is a bit more of a compilation of pieces than its predecessor. Nonetheless, it feels cohesive (at least to my ears) and is characterized by a slightly darker tone than Gardens with a smattering of more contemplative and even playful moments throughout. It brings together four pieces (two longer, two shorter) from various sources. The longest work, "Terminal Burrowing" was a Canada Council-funded commission for Montréal's eclectic AKOUSMA Festival and débuted over the massive multichannel speaker at Usine-C in Fall of 2013. The other longer piece "They Carry Light" was created as a score for Toronto filmmaker Mikel Guillen's short film "The Natural State." Hear the four songs below.

Storring will celebrate the release with a launch party on December 16 at the venue Ratio in Toronto. The show will also feature sets from Michael Keith and Craig Dunsmuir (Kanada70, Glissandro70).