​New Swears Fight Off an Alien in NSFW "Bon Voyage" Video

The track comes from the Ottawa band's 'Night Mirror' album
​New Swears Fight Off an Alien in NSFW 'Bon Voyage' Video
Ottawa-based rock troupe New Swears recently dropped new singles "Bon Voyage" and "Rolling Stone," and the former has just been treated to a wild music video.
The track appears on the band's upcoming album Night Mirror, while the video takes place on a brainwave entirely unto itself.
"Typically, band videos are kinda mundane and uneventful so we thought it would be cool to have a gunfight with an alien and maybe a penis thrown in for excitement," the band tell Exclaim! "We also wanted to make sure we had an arm chop scene, heart pull-out scene and a penis cut-off scene. We just weren't sure which order to do it...arm, heart, penis? Or penis, arm, heart?  Arm, heart, penis seemed like the best fit for us."
That's exactly what the band went with, and you can see the NSFW results in the video for "Bon Voyage" below.
Night Mirror is due out June 13 via Dine Alone Records.