Nekromantix Return of the Loving Dead

Everybody knows that gothic Danish heavy metal psychobilly is the hottest new thing and the Nekromantix are the undisputed kings. 1980s psychobilly never really caught on in North America like it did in Europe, with its bovver-boy, quasi-skinhead, soccer hooligan, amphetamine-induced pit bull mentality and all. Well, that magical Meteors and Guana Batz lovin’ feeling is all over this, the Nekromantix’s fifth studio album. Mixing punk with slap (coffin-shaped) bass on simplistic speed-fests like "I’m A Hellcat," these guys aren’t in any danger of giving the Cramps or Reverend Horton Heat a run for their money. The ultra-cartoon-ish subject matter is a bit much to take as well, as the titles "Rubber Monks and Leather Nuns," "Gargoyles Over Copenhagen" and "Subcultural Girl" clearly illustrate. My advice is to take a pass on this and pick up some truly great punk-influenced rockabilly by the Gun Club, Tav Falco and Robert Gordon. (Hellcat)