Neil Young & Crazy Horse "God Save the Queen" (video)

Neil Young & Crazy Horse 'God Save the Queen' (video)
First thing's first: no, this is not a cover of the classic punk song by the Sex Pistols. Rather, it's Neil Young & Crazy Horse's version of the original "God Save the Queen," as in the British national anthem, which they have reworked as an overdriven rock song.

The track comes from Neil Young & Crazy Horse's upcoming Americana, and it blends the band's scrappy performance with choral voices that chime in every once in a while. We can't help but think that this doesn't exactly fit with the "americana" theme (since it's so quintessentially British), although perhaps Young was intending to point out that "God Save the Queen" used to be America's anthem too. After all, the accompanying video mixes footage of Queen Elizabeth II with vintage American footage.

Americana arrives on June 5 through Reprise.