The Cobalt, Vancouver BC, June 5

Photo: Steve Louie

BY Alan RantaPublished Jun 6, 2014

Taking the stage with a coiled snake rainbow flag that read "Don't Tread on Me," the spirit of Vancouver post-hardcore quintet NEEDS showed they were not WANTS. The whole group had intense energy, from cool-drunk bassist Glenn Alderson (also a member of Too High Crew and editor of BeatRoute) and impertinent drummer Devin O'Rourke (Eeek!) to bearded guitarist Derek Adam (of You Say Party fame). However, any band with Sean Orr is a Sean Orr band, first and foremost, and he was on top form on this evening. Orr incoherently screamed his vocals as if they were the last thing he'd ever do, while shimmying, strip-teasing, spazzing and tangling himself in his mic stand and cable. Anything can happen when that guy is in his happy place. Like Orr said in the outro of their last song, "Be afraid, motherfucker… Be afraid!"

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