Nebula Apollo

Twisting their form of spaced-out stoner rock to a degree that even the most diehard of bong-suckers would find difficult to wrap their THC-soaked brain around, Nebula’s fourth full-length album finds the band even further out on the fringes of celestial boogie metal. Tinny and moderately under produced, the album is a tough listen at 14 tracks and almost 40 minutes. Most evident on third song "Fever Fray,” imagine it to be a sub-par expansion of the Ramones’ take on the Amboy Dukes’ "Journey To the Center of the Mind” bastardised with wah-drenched solos and a bouncy three-chord chorus. Overall, Apollo is frustratingly middle-of-the-road. It could have been Nebula’s most upbeat, accessible album were it not for the unsettling feeling that the trio were either hard-pressed for studio cash and pushed this sucker out ASAP or they’re just so stoned that even psychedelia has become too grounded and blasé. (Liquor and Poker)