Nebula Atomic Ritual

Nebula have built a deserved reputation as one of the pre-eminent stoner rock bands on the planet. When guitarist Eddie Glass, and drummer Rueben Romano split the Fu Manchu scene they decided to turn the motherfucker out as Nebula. While they haven’t gotten the same media attention as their old band, they’ve peeled out musically and left Fu Manchu in their dust. Eddie Glass’s smokin’ fret work has only gotten hotter, with fuzzed-out riffs the size of gas giants and sweet, sweet solos that hit all the right notes. Glass’s vocal shortcomings are obvious in songs like opener “Atomic Ritual” which reeks of Spine of God-era Monster Magnet and begs for Dave Wyndorf’s soulful belting and evil, over the top lyrics. That said, Fu Manchu’s Scot Hill makes Glass sound like fuckin’ Pavarotti. The fact that they brought in a ringer like producer Chris Goss (Masters of Reality), who’s produced for rock titans like Kyuss and QOTSA isn’t just icing on the cake — dude works magic. On Atomic Ritual Nebula take the conventions of space rock and heavy-assed electric blues and tweak the clichés like blunted virtuosos. It’ll kick your ass. (Liquor and Poker)