Nathan Zahn

The Cube, Winnipeg MB, August 15

Photo: Shawn Fillion

BY Anthony AugustinePublished Aug 16, 2014

Manitoba Electronic Music Exhibition (MEME) festival director and veteran Winnipeg DJ and promoter Nathan Zahn was one of the openers for Detroit's Kevin Saunderson's first gig in Winnipeg back in 2004, and he used the experience he has built over the years to set the stage for the Motor City icon's headlining set at the Cube. As the crowd poured into Old Market Square and large-scale projections on the buildings surrounding the Cube turned the area into an open-air dance floor, Zahn handled the task of setting up Saunderson with relative ease.

Electing not to take the safe route, Zahn's set never fixated on one sound for too long, trading off deep, cascading bass lines that packed hefty low-end punch on the PK Sound rig with more whimsical tracks like Ronald Christoph "Take Off Baby!" (featuring Orlando) or Zodiac Cartel's "Deep Acid Mix" of Elite Force's "Jackpot." Over the past four years at MEME, Zahn's sets could sometimes be seen as too ambitious, but he had everything dialled in tonight, so his forward-thinking techno selections came shining through.

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