Nasum Human 2.0

On their second full-length Relapse release, Sweden's Nasum have expanded both their line-up and their sound. With the addition of bassist Jesper Liverod into the fold, the trio have become much more of a band and seem less like a studio only project. Musically, you can hear how the infusion of new blood has helped expand the sound. Whereas their debut record seemed little more than another grindcore record, on Human 2.0 Nasum now sounds much more like a complete band on the extreme end of grind. With drummer Anders Jakobson leading the trio through 25 new tracks in just under forty minutes, Nasum continues the Relapse tradition of releasing the most extreme music on the planet. Here is hoping these guys get the chance to come back over and level audiences in North America shortly, because this shit would be completely over the top live. (Relapse)