Nappy Roots "These Walls (Revisited)" (prod. Kanye West) (video)

Nappy Roots 'These Walls (Revisited)' (prod. Kanye West) (video)
A decade ago, Southern rap crew Nappy Roots released their album Wooden Leather, which included a Kanye West track called "These Walls." Now, the group have revisited that song for its 10th anniversary.

Nappy Roots reportedly didn't get to use the Kanye track they originally wanted for the song, which he later turned into his own single "Jesus Walks." They eventually did settle on a beat and released the song, but, as a press release notes, "over the years, everyone within the group felt the completed song lacked the vocal approach the track deserved and the song has never garnered much attention."

Group member Buffalo Stille said in a statement "[Nappy Roots Entertainment Group Vice President] Jonathan Hay approached me with this concept years ago to redo this song and I was all for it, as I've always known it could've been better. This is one of my favourite hooks I've ever written and I like it even more since it's been revisited. It was great to work with Kanye and I'd love to work with him again. This is a great ten-year anniversary record." This version was co-produced by Hay and Michael A. Smith.

A vintage-looking music video is below, and the overhauled track can be downloaded for free right here.