Nadja Touched

Toronto’s long-standing purveyors of grimy, emotion-drenched drone return triumphantly. Compared with the group’s last landmark release, Bodycage, the emphasis on Touched is a little more inclined towards the bottom end. There is a smidgen less melody and considerably more eardrum disintegrating sludge. For the uninitiated, the numbers are usually structured around massive riffs, repetitive, hypnotic vocal hooks and the distant pulse of a drum machine. Sound familiar? Those believing this to be either a poor Jesu imitation or another bandwagon-hopping post-metal offering would do well to know that Nadja have existed, in one form or another, for nearly a decade now. That being said, it’s high time for them to receive the attention they deserve, and while Bodycage remains their definitive statement, Touched is as good a place to start as any. (Alien8) (Alien8)