My Morning Jacket Working on "Old and Dirty" New Album

My Morning Jacket Working on 'Old and Dirty' New Album
On recent albums, My Morning Jacket have ventured away from their Sourthern rock roots: on 2005's Z, they incorporated glossy synths with some help from Radiohead producer John Leckie, while 2008's Evil Urges embraced Prince-inspired electro funk. Now, the band are back in the studio, and according to frontman Jim James, the results are sounding "old and dirty."

The singer told Rolling Stone that the band are recording with co-producer Tucker Martine (the Decemberists, Spoon) in a church in their hometown of Louisville, KY. While James admitted that Evil Urges was "the hardest record we've ever made," the new sessions are apparently going more smoothy.

"It's all live, so the vibe is really, really good, really wholesome," he said. "There's something about it. We've done stuff mostly live but then you do some overdubs, some vocals, or whatever. But we're trying to do everything other than maybe strings live."

The album is still in its early days, as My Morning Jacket have only been in the studio for two weeks. They've got five songs done, and are planning to continue recording for another month.

According to James, "It'll probably be out mid-next year - probably May."

It's exciting to hear that the band are working on new material, but let's hope that they're also taking the time to brush up on their back catalogue: in October, they will be playing all five of their albums in five nights at Terminal 5 in New York.