My Bloody Valentine Plot New EP, 'm b v' Outtakes and Archival Releases

My Bloody Valentine Plot New EP, 'm b v' Outtakes and Archival Releases
Photo: Andrea England
The wait for My Bloody Valentine's latest album, m b v, extended over two decades. If band leader Kevin Shields has his way, however, the wait for the band's next release won't be quite so excruciating, since they apparently have an EP on the way, along with a some B-sides.

Shields told Pitchfork that he intends to release three outtakes from the m b v sessions. He noted that one song is "melodically very nice and pretty," while another is "more rhythmic-based," and the last is similar to opener "She Found Now" (which you can stream below).

He said, "The record could have been a much more novelty record, in a sense, if I put some of the more chord-based songs on it."

Furthermore, My Bloody Valentine are planning an EP of new material, which Shields said they intend to work on next year. He's also aiming to make pure analog masters of Loveless and Isn't Anything, along with the early EPs.

Finally, he also intends to share some archival material online. Shields said, "I hate to say this because we haven't set it up yet, but we want to do a site where everyone who bought a record would be able to stream various other things we put up, like an old recording of when I first experimented with pitch-bending back in '81."

Given My Bloody Valentine's reputation for delays, we wouldn't count on hearing this material anytime soon, but this should give shoegaze fans something to get excited about.