Municipal Waste

Slime and Punishment

BY Joe Smith-EngelhardtPublished Jun 21, 2017

Although it's been five years since party thrashers Municipal Waste released a new album, they've returned with rejuvenated energy and a fuller sound, much of which can be attributed to the addition of second guitarist Nick Poulos. With Slime and Punishment, Municipal Waste have crafted yet another prime piece of mosh-inducing, hardcore punk-inflected thrash.
Album number six from the thrash brigade sticks close to their typical motto both lyrically and instrumentally: party hard and play fast. Tracks such as opener "Breathe Grease" or "Shrednecks" are the type of speedy, gang vocal-heavy tracks Municipal Waste have become known for, yet they sound more calculated and well-rounded than before. Of course, it wouldn't be a Municipal Waste record without a few odes to partying, either; the downtempo, chugged out "Dingy Situations," and lightning fast "Bourbon Discipline" make for a perfect soundtrack to back any drunken adventure.
The band have never been ones to take themselves too seriously. and make no exceptions on this record. Their dark comedy shines through most prominently on "Parole Violators," which features a back-and-forth skit between guitarist Ryan Waste and Agnostic Front axe-man Vinnie Stigma, in which Stigma ironically plays the role of a cop arresting Waste.
Municipal Waste have been consistently putting out top-quality crossover thrash for over a decade now, so why fix what isn't broken? Slime And Punishment isn't a groundbreaking record, but it's a welcome addition to an already impressive catalogue that demonstrates why the band are still leading their genre, despite a five-year album gap.
(Nuclear Blast)

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