Mr. Joy Share "Music" Live Portrait

The track appears on their forthcoming record 'The Dreamer's Workbook'
Mr. Joy Share "Music" Live Portrait
Leading up to the release of their newest record The Dreamer's Workbook, Toronto-based psychedelic pop quartet Mr. Joy have shared a new "live portrait" for the record's newest single "Music."

The video was recorded straight to tape and shot on 16mm black and white film, live in-studio by director Johnny de Courcy.

Describing the visual effort, the band have offered the following statement:

Think of someone sitting to have their portrait painted and then imagine that instead of a brush and paint, the artist used a tape machine and Bolex.

The Dreamer's Workbook arrives digitally on March 6 via Blob Records with an accompanying picture book. The band describe the forthcoming effort as a "concept album based on their dream diary scribblings and fuzzy recollections in the moments after waking." 

Mr. Joy had previously shared two tracks from the record, "Dream Cure for a Dog Lover" and "The Language of Dreams."

Watch the "Music" video below.