Mr. Joy Share Giddy New Song "Dream Cure for a Dog Lover"

The track appears on their forthcoming record 'The Dreamer's Workbook'
Mr. Joy Share Giddy New Song 'Dream Cure for a Dog Lover'
Toronto-based psychedelic pop quartet Mr. Joy have shared a brand new single titled "Dream Cure for a Dog Lover" from their sophomore full-length record.

The band's forthcoming experimental record, The Dreamer's Workbook, is a "concept album based on their dream diary scribblings and fuzzy recollections in the moments after waking." 

Mr. Joy explained their recording process further in a statement:

We all basically play the studio. Once you start creating samples, you can be making drum loops out of spoons run through a delay pedal and that'll be the beat. Or you can grab something from a cassette and completely warp it into this unidentifiable lead instrument. It's like curating sounds for everyone else to interact with. The band is like this organism; you feed it your samples and it turns them into something bigger.

The Dreamer's Workbook arrives digitally on March 6 via Blob Records with an accompanying picture book. That's the Blob-created album art up above.

"Dream Cure for a Dog Lover" follows the release of "The Language of Dreams," also from the band's forthcoming LP.

Listen to Mr. Joy's new single below.