Movers Destroy Canadian Virtuoso Angela Hewitt's $250,000 Piano

Movers Destroy Canadian Virtuoso Angela Hewitt's $250,000 Piano
Canadian piano virtuoso Angela Hewitt is mourning the loss of a $250,000 piano after movers irreparably broke the instrument while taking it out of a studio.
The pianist had just recorded Beethoven's Piano Variations in Berlin, but her elation at finishing the project took a horrifying turn when the movers came into the control room to tell her that they had dropped her handmade Fazioli concert grand piano.
The F278 Fazioli was the only one of its kind in the world, as it featured four pedals.
The iron frame, structure, lid and case were all damaged beyond repair, with Paolo Fazioli himself declaring it "unsalvageable."
The pianos are made in Sacile, in northern Italy, and Hewitt had kept hers in her house in Italy, using it for most of her European recordings and concerts over the last 17 years.
Simon Markson of Markson Pianos told CNN that he estimated the instrument's value at $194,000 USD (approximately $257,000 CAD).
In a post lamenting the damage, Hewitt described the piano as "my best friend, best companion."
Read her post below.