Motörhead Inferno

If the announcement of a new Motörhead release made you uneasy, you can now breathe a sigh of relief. Even though the band has been around since 1977, and even though some of the group’s latest projects have revolved around professional wrestling, their most recent album delivers a solid Motörhead experience. Their sound is still fast-paced, and Lemmy’s unique vocals still mix well with the heavy guitar riffs and furious drumbeats supplied by Philip Campbell and Mikkey Dee. Guitar legend Steve Vai also makes an appearance, providing additional guitar for both "Terminal Show” and "Down On Me.” Coincidentally these are also two of the best tracks Inferno has to offer. Other notable songs include "Warehouse Blues,” an acoustic blues track featuring Lemmy on both harmonica and guitar, and the psychopathic anthem "Smiling Like A Killer,” which proves the name Motörhead still carries a sadistic edge. Whether you are a long-time fan or have recently been introduced to this unique crossbreed of punk and metal, Inferno will surpass your expectations and prove that Motörhead still has a place in the music industry. (Sanctuary)