Motherhood's 9 Favourite Places in Fredericton

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BY Motherhood Published Jan 22, 2020

Fredericton three-piece Motherhood are loathe to assign a genre to their sound, having been dubbed avant-country, circus punk or black metal fusion before landing on art-rock. Their latest full-length, Dear Bongo, came out on Forward Music in 2019 and the band were kind enough to tell us about their Atlantic Canadian home. 

Say the band, "You may notice some common strings in our recommendations — we work a lot of great jobs, enjoy a lot of natural beauty, and are often plagued with seeing everyone (and their dog) all the time. It comes part and parcel with living in a small town, and we wouldn't have it any other way."

Fredericton Art Building (384 Queen St.)

Everyone just calls it the Backstreet Building. It houses our longest-standing record store — Backstreet Records — and a cluster of studios & DIY venues. The jewel in its crown is Bellwether, an incredible vintage store. Bellwether's owner donates denim to Motherhood so we can make patches to sell on tour.
Penny Stevens

Milda's Pizzas & More (732 Charlotte St.) 
It's the pizza to rule all pizzas. Local ingredients, often pulled from Milda's own garden, baked in sustainably-sourced woodfire, conjured up by a woman that's essentially a mad scientist. When we released Dear Bongo, Milda made a Bongo Pizza (triple pickle, triple beef) and donated the proceeds to our tour. I should mention that I occasionally work here, but I think that adds to the sincerity of my endorsement.
Penny Stevens

Digital World (524 Smythe St.)

"Digi" is the spot if you've got some hot dollars in your pockets and you want to surprise yourself. It's your classic pawn shop, but with an above-average music section. Ask for Sab.
Brydon Crain

Fredericton Boyce Farmers Market (665 George St.)

From the controversial raspberry coffee and duelling samosa stands to the Amish axe-handle carvers and the angora goat mitten lady, you get your weekly dose of Fredericton weirdness here. It's an excellent place to run into relatives, school teachers, ex-lovers and everyone else, so a prepared local wears a brimmed hat and sunnies.
Penny Stevens

The Capital Complex (362 Queen St.) 

It's the greatest — and practically the only — venue in the city. It's the heart of our music scene, and one of the main reasons we live in Fredericton. It also employs the greatest and surliest bartender of all time, Ferg.
Penny Stevens

The Nashwaak River

Thanks to the ongoing work of the Watershed Association, there's a strip of untouched nature that feeds right into Fredericton's downtown. We spend much of our summers here, swimming, canoeing, bird-watching and hanging. The proposed Sisson Mine wants to turn it into a tailings pond and effectively raise a middle finger to both the native species and our Indigenous land protectors. There's a battle brewing here, stay tuned.
Penny Stevens

The Drome (301 Main St.) 

It's classic East Coast candlepin bowling with tasty food and a bar. I should mention that I work here, but I think that adds to the sincerity of my endorsement.
Brydon Crain

Bill Thorpe Walking Bridge 

As a dog owner, I am always looking for great walking spots. A classic is the walking bridge that traverses the Wolastoq River and links our town's north and south. It's nice to look out and see our town from that angle. Since so many people use it, the bridge inevitably doubles as a place for awkward encounters with people on the periphery of your memory. At least it gives you something to think about on the walk back.
Adam Sipkema

Thatch Road 

Thatch Road is technically outside of Fredericton, near the airport, but it's a hidden gem. What was once a busy road is now a serene, overgrown path traveled only by an occasional tractor. In the Fall, the colours are otherworldly. Your dog may not care about the colours but they'll love tear-assing around Thatch Road off-leash!
Adam Sipkema

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