Mother Mother Give "Hayloft" a New Video

Stay tuned for "Hayloft II" later this month
Mother Mother Give 'Hayloft' a New Video
Vancouver pop-rock mainstays Mother Mother have become TikTok sensations thanks to the viral success of music from more than a decade ago — in particular the single "Hayloft" from 2008's O My Heart. Now, that song has a new music video.

The barn-burning "Hayloft" actually got a music video upon its original release, but this version is significantly more elaborate. It takes the song's lyrics very literally, as two young lovers sneak out to the barn before being caught by their fathers. It was directed by Emma Higgins.

Here, "Hayloft" has been retitled "Hayloft I" — a reference to the fact that Mother Mother have now written "Hayloft II," which will be out on January 28 as part of the deluxe edition of last year's Inside LP. The video for "Hayloft II" will continue the story of the lovers in the barn.

Watch "Hayloft I" below. Read Exclaim!'s interview with Mother Mother's Ryan Guldemond here, in which he discusses the band's explosion in popularity among Gen Z listeners.