Morrissey Sounds Off on Animal Rights, the Royal Family and British Politics in New Open Letter

Morrissey Sounds Off on Animal Rights, the Royal Family and British Politics in New Open Letter
Since Morrissey's recent Autobiography evidently didn't given him enough of a chance to write about his personal views, the former Smiths singer has just penned a lengthy open letter that addresses some of his favourite subjects: animal rights and the British royal family.

Much of the piece, which was published on semi-official fan site True to You and called "The world won't listen," concerns hunting, as Moz attacked prominent hunters like Melissa Bachman, Paul Ryan, Sarah Palin, David Cameron and the royal family. He even targeted musicians Bryan Ferry (of Roxy Music) and P.J. Harvey, saying that they allegedly support fox-hunting, with Morrissey arguing, "There is not one single instance when an animal protectionist has found themselves knighted or applauded by the Queen." (This last bit isn't true, and Sir Paul McCartney is living proof.)

In addition to expressing his views on hunting, Morrissey voiced his opinion on matters of rulership, questioning the need for the British royals as a symbol of outdated power and a source of national obsession. He also discussed the Falkland Islands, writing, "Although David Cameron is gung-ho ready to see more British and Argentinian boys die in battle for this odd bit of turf, he cannot see the richer intellect in simply returning the islands to their rightful owners."

While much of the piece is dedicated to targeting moral offenders, the singer has kind words for actor/comedian Russell Brand, saying "Like Russell, I believe that the most powerful vote you can give is No Vote; for the days of Prime Ministers have gone, and it's time for a form of change that is far more meaningful than simply switching blue to red."

Read the piece in full below.

I am not ashamed to admit that newspaper photographs in recent days of American TV presenter Melissa Bachman laughing as she stands over a majestic lion that had been stalked and shot dead by Bachman herself left me tearful. Although I have previously felt enraged by the asininity of U.S. congressman Paul Ryan, and political fluffhead Sarah Palin — both of whom also kill beings for fun, there is something especially lamentable about the Bachman smile of pride as the lion — a symbol of strength, heraldry and natural beauty, lies lifeless in answer to Bachman's need for temporary amusement. The world struggles to protect the rhino and the elephant – both being shot out of existence, yet Bachman joins the murderous insanity of destruction without any fear of arrest. This comes in the same week that Princess Anne condones horsemeat consumption — since she is evidently not content with eating pigs, sheep, cows, birds and fish. Although her slackwitted view is reported with mild surprise by the British media, there is no outrage since the crassness and international duncery of the British so-called 'royal family' remains the great unsaid in British print. It is spoken of, of course, but it is not allowed to go further than that. Why does Anne approve of slaughter of any kind? Has she ever been inside an abattoir? Does she actually know what she's talking about? Similarly, on October 5, the Daily Mail newspaper gave us all an "amusing" report of thickwit Pippa Middleton laughing as she stood over 50 birds shot dead by her friends and herself after a "busy day's shooting". We are reminded by the Daily Mail that Middleton is a 'socialite', which tells us that she is privileged and can more-or-less kill whatever she likes — and, therefore she does. The sick face of modern Britain, Pippa Middleton will kill deer, boar, birds — any animal struggling to live, or that gets in her socialite way. This is because her sister is, of course, Kate, who herself became 'royal' simply by answering the telephone at the right time, and this association allows Pippa's kill, kill, kill mentality to be smilingly endorsed by the British print media, to which only the mentally deficient could join in with the laughter. The right to kill animals is endorsed by Prime Minister David Cameron who shoots stag whenever he feels a bit bored. In the Queen's Honors List, awards have been bestowed upon musicians Bryan Ferry and PJ Harvey — both of whom allegedly support fox-hunting. There is not one single instance when an animal protectionist has found themselves knighted or applauded by the Queen. That animals are an essential part of our planet (that they are, in fact, the planet) and must be protected, is a shatterbrained concept to the British 'royals'. Historically, we all remember Prince William proudly killing the baby deer, Prince Harry bravely giving the thumbs-up as he pointlessly ended the life of a water-buffalo, the Queen loading her shotgun in readiness to shoot birds out of the sky. How terribly regal.