Morrissey Gloats over the Ousting of Canadian Fisheries Minister Gail Shea

BY Alex HudsonPublished Oct 23, 2015

Canadian musicians weren't the only ones celebrating after this week's election. As the results came in, British pop provocateur Morrissey was also cheering, although not because Stephen Harper was ousted. Rather, he was delighted at the toppling of Gail Shea, the now former Canadian minister of Fisheries and Oceans.

Fans may remember that Moz and Shea had an angry back-and-forth last year, as the singer called Canada's seal hunt "greedy and barbaric," while Shea's spokesperson responded that Morrissey was "a millionaire celebrity, desperate for a hobby."

Now, the former Smiths frontman has got the last laugh: not only did the Conservatives get trounced (meaning that Shea has lost her place in the cabinet), but Shea lost her race in the Prince Edward Island district of Egmont, meaning that she's no longer a member of Parliament.

On True-to-You, Morrissey posted a gloating message titled "Gail Shea in search of a new hobby," saying that Shea had been "culled." He also fantasized about a rather gruesome death for the politician. He posted the above photo of the poll results and wrote:

Gail Shea, the Canadian Minister of Fisheries whose spokesperson referred to me as a "millionaire celebrity, desperate for a hobby" when I protested at Shea's decision to axe to death thousands of newborn seal pups who were relying on fish food that Shea instead wanted for human consumption, is herself being 'culled' on Monday as the federal elections show her support dramatically diminished against that of her main opponent (Bobby Morrissey, would you believe). Since Gail Shea thinks it is morally correct of Canada to dispense with unwanted beings by slicing their heads open with an axe, hopefully this same fate will happen to Shea, although given her 78% pork girth it could take nine wielding axemen and at least six daylight hours to finish her off.
It shall be worth the wait for all of us.

London, England
October 2015

There's one truly amazing aspect to all of this: Shea was defeated by Liberal politician Bobby Morrissey. That's right — Shea was actually beaten by a Morrissey. Out of all of the public figures that Moz has targeted (Margaret Thatcher, Jimmy Kimmel, Barack Obama, the Royal Family, et al.), it's impossible to think of another feud that he has won quite so gloriously.

Newly elected Canadian leader Justin Trudeau hasn't yet announced who will be in his cabinet. But whoever is named minister of Fisheries and Oceans had better watch out.

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