The Morning Benders "Ram On" (Paul McCartney cover)

The Morning Benders 'Ram On' (Paul McCartney cover)
We've already heard enough Beatles covers to last us a lifetime, so kudos to much-buzzed indie rockers the Morning Benders for venturing into the slightly more dicey world of Paul McCartney's solo work for their latest tune. It's a cover of Sir Paul's "Ram On," from his 1971 album, Ram.

While McCartney's solo work is often regarded with some skepticism, there's no denying that Ram is a classic. (If we're being strictly accurate, we should note the album is actually credited to both Paul and late wife Linda McCartney.) Clearly, the Morning Benders agree, as evidenced by this dreamy, R&B-infused cover.

The cover was included in the band's new "Echomix." Listen to both the new mix and the cover at Gorilla vs. Bear.