Morly "And Sooner Than We Know It…" (Blue Hawaii remix)

Morly 'And Sooner Than We Know It…' (Blue Hawaii remix)
Morly hails from Minnesota, but the producer has been getting some attention from Canadian artists in 2015. Her song "Maelstrom" was featured in Ryan Hemsworth's Secret Songs series, and now her track "And Sooner Than We Know It…" has got the remix treatment from Blue Hawaii.

The five-minute instrumental track is built around twinkling, celestial synths that provide the dreamy accompaniment to a syncopated IDM beat. But unlike the original version of the track, which buried its rhythms amidst dreamy swaths of synths, this remix places the beats front and centre and makes the thumping kick drum the primary focus.

Hear the remix below. The original version of the song comes from Morly's recent EP In Defense of My Muse, which is out now on Cascine.