Robert Moog called his invention "something between discovering and witnessing," which director Hans Fjellestad invites the audience to do with the man himself. Fjellestad admits that he didn't want to make the comprehensive film about Robert Moog and the history of his revolutionary synthesiser, which changed the face of music forever. Instead, he wanted to get into Moog's philosophies, and so we see Moog chatting with some of his contemporaries and his biggest fans — the most amusing scene is backstage footage of Moog laughing at the sexist/sexual analogies of Rick Wakeman (Yes) and Bernie Worrell (Funkadelic), respectively. But as a result, this is less interesting as a film as it is a text for hardcore tech geeks and music historians only — a general audience likely won't care to spend 15 minutes watching Moog explain his spiritual connection to his circuit board. And for the record, the name rhymes with "vogue." Plus: director's notes, bonus interviews and performance footage. (Plexifilm/Sonic Unyon)