Moods for Moderns Loud & Clear

Detroit's Moods for Moderns blend a tight, hand-clapping British Invasion pop and driving Motor City guitar-led structure in a complex weave of up-and-down melodies. Competently arranged managed, their debut full-length CD is a whirl of psychedelia and bubble-gum pop, with producer Jim Diamond evoking a Spector-esque big sound approach. Richly textured and highly nuanced, with an array of subtle hooks and change-ups, Moods for Moderns manage to capture the essence of '60s innocence without seeming too retro. Their name reflects a forward-looking ambition and vision, despite their garage-rock and B3 sound. Sounding fresh and, well, modern, Moods are able to convincingly stand on the strength of their songwriting alone - shaggy hair and matching urban throwback style notwithstanding. (Doghouse)