Montag "Sun Fat Explosion"

Montag 'Sun Fat Explosion'
As previously reported, Montreal-based electro-pop player Montag (aka Antoine Bedard) is deep into a year-long project titled Phases, which has him composing a new tune and making a music video for that song each month. The September edition is a number called "Sun Fat Explosion," and you can stream and download the song now through Exclaim!

The track starts up with a cacophonous explosion of synth sounds and white noise, which may be a surprise for those used to Bedard's genteel pop cuts. The song soon gets into some Krautrock territory, with Montag and a few collaborators easing into an eight-minute jam built around blippy keyboard runs, '70s sci-fi laser-beam six-strings, and some organic drum work.

"It wasn't really thought out," Bedard admits. "I'm somehow really happy with what can happen when music is really free, and not too calculated. It was just so liberating."

You can check out Montag's "Sun Fat Explosion" down below.