Montag "The Last Call" / "8 Soleils"

Montag 'The Last Call' / '8 Soleils'
Montreal electro-pop artist Montag (aka Antoine Bédard) has been issuing new music all year long via his monthly Phases singles series, but the project is now coming to a close. Today (December 18) marks the release of the final chapter, fittingly anchored by a new number called "The Last Call."

"Of course, the theme/topic was related to the end of the Mayan calendar on December 21, which, for some, meant the end of the world," Bédard said in a statement. "It was a good theme for the final song of Phases, I thought. A part of me, just like every human being, likes to believe that the world will end. A fascinating and scary but somehow relieving thought. Unless I'm crazy, there is something reassuring about the idea that everything would stop all at once, for everyone, everywhere."

If the Mayans were right, "The Last Call" could very well be one of the last songs you ever hear. It's a pleasantly chilled-out slice of pop, with twinkly synths and Bédard's mellow vocals coasting along heavenly. You can sample the song and its even gentler digital B-side, the ambiently droning "8 Soleils" in the player down below, where you'll also find an audio commentary from Bédard.