Monomyth The Ship, St. John's NL, April 24

Monomyth The Ship, St. John's NL, April 24
Photo: Vish Khanna
Well, god damn. Halifax four-piece Monomyth played a kick-ass set replete with their shoegaze-y Beach Boys vocal harmonies and rubbery guitar parts that swirled into one another. Can psychedelia be subtle? It's supposed to be instantly recognizable and stupidly stoner-y, right? Monomyth call back to that hazy shit but, like Mac DeMarco of late or Women before them, they make it something uniquely now. The before-a-song sample of Tupac sounding hard and gangsta in an interview was awesome and tone-setting. The air was suddenly amped up, no hologram required.

This July, Monomyth will release an LP on Mint called Saturnalia Regalia! and they unveiled much of it before this audience in St. John's and it sounded mighty and dreamy and sinister. It was so much force from relatively understated men, one of whom, Josh, looks like a mini-Rick White, prepped for the Eric's Trip biopic that has to happen now. East coast keeps winning. Monomyth are super rad. Recognize.

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