Mondo Details 'Drive' Soundtrack Vinyl Reissue

Mondo Details 'Drive' Soundtrack Vinyl Reissue
Earlier this year, soundtrack reissue experts Mondo confirmed that the upcoming North American vinyl pressing of the Drive soundtrack was just around the corner, and the official street date has now been set for March 22. If you're in Austin, though, you can stop by the Mondo Gallery and pick one up by March 15.

As Pitchfork reports, the double-LP release (originally delivered on vinyl in 2011 through UK imprint Invada) is being pressed on traditional black wax, although limited copies appear on hot pink vinyl. The Mondo edition also comes in gatefold packaging, which features new cover art from poster artist Tyler Stout. You can see the stylistic rendering of Ryan Gosling and the rest of the cast up above.

As for the soundtrack itself, the effort features original movie score selections from Cliff Martinez, as well as tracks from Chromatics, Desire, Kavinsky & Lovefoxxx, and more. You can see the details down below.

Drive OST:

1. Kavinsky & Lovefoxxx - "Nightcall"

2. Desire - "Under Your Spell"

3. College (ft. Electric Youth) - "A Real Hero"

4. Riz Ortolani (ft. Katyna Ranieri) - "Oh My Love"

5. Chromatics - "Tick of the Clock"

6. "Rubber Head"

7. "I Drive"

8. "He Had a Good Time"

9. "They Broke His Pelvis"

10. "Kick Your Teeth"

11. "Where's the Deluxe Version?"

12. "See You in Four"

13. "After the Chase"

14. "Hammer"

15. "Wrong Floor"

16. "Skull Crushing"

17. "My Name on a Car"

18. "On the Beach"

19. "Bride of Deluxe"