Moka Only "Sleeping Dogs" (video)

Moka Only 'Sleeping Dogs' (video)
Moka Only has been lurking around the Canadian hip-hop scene for about two decades now, and the West Coast rhymer is taking a look back at the past in his freshly unveiled video for "Sleeping Dogs."

The video for this song, which functions as the first single from the new album Airport 6, centres on a back alley photo gallery where old pictures of Moka Only are on display for onlookers to admire. Some of the shots are over two decades old, meaning you'll be able to see exactly how far the rapper has come. All the while, the MC hangs out in the alley and raps along.

This retrospective clip functions as a fittingly thoughtful accompaniment to the laid-back beat. If you're suitably impressed, go to Urbnet's Bandcamp page to pick up a variety of Airport 6-related products including digital downloads, 7-inch vinyl, fridge magnets and T-shirts.