Mohsin Zaman

Edmonton Folk Music Festival, Edmonton AB, August 11

Photo: Dana Zuk

BY Ashton ClemmerPublished Aug 12, 2017

Mohsin Zaman has been making a name for himself amongst the Edmonton music scene, especially after taking home the award for Male Artist of the Year at the 2016 Edmonton Music Awards. Before his set began on Friday (August 11), the area around the small stage was jammed with eager fans.
Backed by a full band, Zaman's soft, comforting voice created an intriguing and captivating presence on stage. Though Zaman's set consisted primarily of slow-tempo, mellow songs, it was by no means boring. Guitarist Dylan George Ferrell delivered impressive tone and added presence to Zaman's light-hearted songs, giving the tracks an additional layer level of substance and intensity.
The strength of Zaman's voice and his chemistry with the other musicians onstage produced a level of energy and passion that translated into the audience. During final song "Breathe," the audience even rose to their feet and danced with each another until the end of the set.

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