The Mohawk Lodge Tour Canada, Look to Restructure Lineup

The Mohawk Lodge Tour Canada, Look to Restructure Lineup
The rough and tumble rockers of Vancouver’s the Mohawk Lodge have finalized the details of their upcoming cross-Canada tour, which may be their last. Or at least the last with the current line-up. While talking to the Georgia Straight, front-man Ryder Havdale revealed yesterday (September 11) that he will be leaving his BC brethren behind and making the move out east to Toronto.

"I’m just looking for a change, really,” Havdale told the Straight. "I love my band out here but they can’t really tour much. I’ll put together another line-up when I get to Toronto. I have some friends out there who want to play.”

Havdale went on to say that he believes moving to the Big Smoke can help his band and label, White Whale Records, attract more attention in the city’s more prospering music scene. "The Canadian music scene largely ignores Vancouver, unless you’re on an American label,” he said. (We’re guessing that here he’s referring to Jagjaguwar.)

The Mohawk Lodge’s tour begins next Friday (September 19) in Vancouver and heads across the country for string of dates before ending things in Havdale’s new home of Toronto.

Here are the dates:

9/19 Vancouver, BC - Biltmore Cabaret
9/20 Kelowna, BC - The Habitat
9/21 Calgary, AB - Broken City
9/22 Edmonton, BC - Black Dog
9/23 Saint Albert, AB - GFCB’s
9/24 Saskatoon, SK - The Roxy
9/25 Regina, SK - O’Hanlon’s
9/26 Winnipeg, MB - Lo Pub
9/27 Thunder Bay, ON - The Apollo
9/28 Sault Ste. Marie, ON - Lop Lop’s
9/29 Sudbury, ON - The Townehouse
10/1 Peterborough, ON - The Montreal House
10/2 Montreal, QC - Pop Montreal - White Whale Showcase
10/4 London, ON - The Cellar
10/7 Guelph, ON - Albion
10/8 Windsor, ON - Phog
10/9 Oshawa, ON - Chicagos
10/10 Waterloo, ON - 130 King St. N.
10/11 Toronto, ON - Smiling Buddha

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