Mogwai Unveil 'Earth Division' EP

Mogwai Unveil 'Earth Division' EP
Earlier this year, long-running Scottish post-rock greats Mogwai brought us their seventh album Hardcore Will Never Die, But You Will. Apparently, the band were extra inspired when recording that record, however, as they have now revealed plans for a follow-up EP.

The four-song release is called Earth Division and features songs from the Hardcore sessions that didn't fit with the final album. According to a post on Mogwai's official site, the EP will be available on CD, twelve-inch and as a digital download.

According to a press release, the EP demonstrates "a creative departure from the band's trademark cinematic mantra of pulverizing, scorched guitar riffage, into a more recontextualised domain of hazy electronic distortion, accompanied by spiky wafts of violins, violas, cellos and double bass and jagged keys."

Earth Division will be released on September 12 in the UK via the band's own Rock Action and September 13 in North America via Sub Pop. The tracklisting is available below.

Earth Division:

 1. "Get To France"

2. "Hound Of Winter"

3. "Drunk And Crazy"

4. "Does This Always Happen?"