Mogwai "Wizard Motor"

Mogwai 'Wizard Motor'
Mogwai recently made some music for French zombie show Les Revenants, and if you wanted to hear just how the Scottish post-rockers' score turned out, they've unveiled a sneak preview via the moody new tune "Wizard Motor."

The band's John Cummings had previously hinted that their score had turned out "calmly unsettling," and the description certainly fits the bill for "Wizard Motor." The track starts up with some atmospheric six-strings and solemn-yet-hopeful synth lines; it ultimately takes shape with an icy drum-machine punch and a melancholy distorted bass line. We can picture it settling quite nicely atop a botched escape scene from some brain-munchers.

As previously reported, Mogwai's own Rock Action Records will offer some Les Revenants tunes up on a 10-inch vinyl EP on January 28 in a limited edition of 2,000, and give up the full soundtrack on February 25 on CD, LP and digital download.