Are + Be

BY Sergio ElmirPublished Dec 1, 2004

After releasing the underground cult hit "Sweet Music,” Canadian born German transplant Mocky comes through with his much anticipated debut record Are + Be. Mocky has spent the past few years touring Europe with Peaches and Chilly Gonzales, even taking some time out to perform by the monkey cages at the Dutch Zoo. All this helps explain both the off the wall punch-lines and his affinity for glitchy ass-shaking beats and bass lines. Mocky’s use of R&B grooves and hooks along with the help of some of his friends, make for some pretty funky tracks such as "How Will I Know,” featuring Warp’s James Lidell and "Just Need Time,” featuring Feist. Sadly, many of the remaining tracks instantly become forgettable, sometimes as you’re listening to them. This is probably because Mocky missed the electro-pop train by about two years. His Streets-esque lyrical flow and his Peaches-y booty beats are a bit old, and can get tiring over the same ’80s synths and beats. However, Mocky shows signs of hope on a handful of tracks that finds a groove somewhere among all those goofy lyrics and tongue-in-cheek beats.

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