Moby "The Perfect Life" (ft. Wayne Coyne) (Fuck Buttons remix)

Moby 'The Perfect Life' (ft. Wayne Coyne) (Fuck Buttons remix)
Moby recruited lead Flaming Lip Wayne Coyne to appear on the song "The Perfect Life" from his new album Innocents, and following a recent music video, that track has now been remixed by Fuck Buttons.

This version isn't a huge departure from the soaring, gospel-tinged grandeur of the original, but it removes the acoustic strumming in favour of a more keyboard-heavy arrangement that highlights the vocals with an a cappella intro and culminates with a hugely cinematic finale.

Innocents is out on October through Arts & Crafts in Canada. This remix will appear on The Perfect Life EP on September 10 through Mute.

Thanks to Pitchfork for the tip.