Moby "One Time We Lived" (Kap Bambino remix)

Moby 'One Time We Lived' (Kap Bambino remix)
Hating on Moby is an easy pastime. As the poster boy for overexposure, the New York-based dance superstar found himself on the receiving end of one of Eminem's most famous rhymes; after threatening to unleash Obie Trice on the Little Idiot he declared, "Nobody listens to techno."

But people do indeed listen to techno and many of them listen to Moby. In fact his pre-Play output is now equaled by his post-Play output. And few could argue his stature as a bridge between underground dance and mainstream pop.

Thankfully Moby never let the criticism get to him. Earlier this year he returned to his early 90s roots with Wait For Me. The album gets the deluxe re-release treatment on November 2 adding two new songs to the album (including the original version of the exclusive remix available below), a bonus disc of ambient remixes and a DVD of live performances and videos thrown in for good measure.

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