Mitski Addresses "Incredibly Difficult" Fan Ticket-Buying Process

"I truly appreciate what you all go through to come to our concerts"

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BY Megan LaPierrePublished Oct 9, 2023

Isn't it wild to think that Taylor Swift's (first) Eras Tour Ticketmaster fiasco was less than a year ago? Since then, it feels like getting tickets to shows by big-name artists has remained a next-level bloodbath of missing presale codes, crashing websites and impossibly long queues — all for the opportunity to spend an exorbitant price to see your fave.

The latest artist to address the treacherous ticket-buying processes music fans are forced to put themselves through nowadays is Mitski, who announced her 2024 North American tour behind September's stunning The Land Is Inhospitable and So Are We early last week. The singer-songwriter acknowledged that her decision to perform in theatres over arenas has created "a feeling of scarcity," apologizing for any additional frustration fans may encounter trying to get tickets. 

"Ticket-buying is incredibly difficult these days, and I truly appreciate what you all go through to come to our concerts," Mitski wrote in a statement posted to Instagram on Friday (October 6) after tickets went on sale and proceeded to quickly sell out. "In the midst of all this, the fact that scalpers buy up tickets to resell at unbelievable prices is infuriating!"

She explained that her team and show promoters are regularly working together to cancel tickets that have been acquired by bots and scalpers, letting fans who were unable to secure seats know that they can join the waitlist on her website for the chance to be offered the spots of ousted scammers. Mitski also reassured people that these are merely her first North American dates on the docket for 2024.

"PLEASE DON'T BUY FROM SCALPERS & RESELLERS! It breaks my heart to think of you paying exorbitant amounts of money to scalpers when they have nothing to do with the shows or the efforts to make them happen," she reiterated. "I would rather play an empty house than have you give your money to them."

Despite Ticketmaster and SeatGeek promising service fee transparency this summer, not much has changed with the current state of the union on buying concert tickets. Even Zach Bryan, whose homies all famously hate Ticketmaster, returned to the ticketing giant for his 2024 tour. "One guy can't change the whole system," he explained. "It is intentionally broken and I'll continue to feel absolutely horrible about the cost of tickets in an unfair market."

Check out Mitski's statement in its entirety below.

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