Mist (Emeralds' John Elliott and Radio People's Sam Goldberg) Reissue Glowing Net

Mist (Emeralds' John Elliott and Radio People's Sam Goldberg) Reissue <i>Glowing Net</i>
We're starting to get the feeling that the members of Emeralds wake up each morning and start a new side-project. Between the band's three members, the Cleveland, OH synth experimenters have a wealth of quality non-Emeralds projects on the go, including solo work from Mark McGuire and Steve Hauschildt, as well as John Elliott's solo work and his Imaginary Softwoods and Outer Space projects. As if that weren't enough, Elliott has another project kicking around called Mist.

Mist are a collaboration between Elliott and Sam Goldberg (aka Radio People), and they released the Glowing Net EP on very limited cassette earlier this year following an out-of-print self-titled LP and some more limited tapes. Now, the Amethyst Sunset record label has repressed the Glowing Net cassette on vinyl.

According to a project description from Boomkat, Glowing Net is "a dazzling album of untethered interzonal synth exploration" and "a 360-degree panoramic view of totally classic sci-fi soundscapes" ready to "soundtrack the light show behind your eyelids."

Glowing Net is available now from Amethyst Sunset, but act fast. The first run of 250 rainbow-splattered records has apparently sold out, leaving only the 500 black LPs.

You can hear some samples of Glowing Net below.

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