Mission Of Burma

A Gun to the Head

BY Rob NayPublished Nov 1, 2004

A Gun to the Head offers an inspired map to a riveting band. This compilation shows why Boston’s Mission of Burma has remained highly revered for over two decades and why its recent reunion generated an ecstatic response. Along with a couple of songs from their live album, half of the band’s first EP, and half of the first full-length studio album are included here. From the rousing, intricate melodies of "That’s How I Escaped My Certain Fate” to the hypnotic, slow drones of "Trem Two,” Mission of Burma conveys an ability to push sound in multiple directions and still maintain a fierce unity. A Gun to the Head reflects a band exploring an extensive amount of terrain within a short span of time in the early 1980s, delving into pop, art rock, and punk with dexterity.

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