Mission Lighting the Candles

Obviously sparing no expense, the Mission have managed to put out a DVD that blows most other music DVDs clear out of the pond, wait, make that ocean. Lighting the Candles is a monstrous three-disc set that includes an 18-song live show, a seven-song collection of classic video clips, rehearsal footage, a day in the life of the band, interviews, bootlegged footage from vocalist/guitarist Wayne Hussey's personal collection, a candid voiceover-ed band biography that seeks to tell their story with photographs, a discography that includes some acoustic excerpts, a brand new track, a solo set with Wayne Hussey and a 13-song live audio CD. Need I say more? The new live footage sounds great and while some of the bootleg material is distorted and grainy, this can be forgiven due to its rarity. Fans will not want to pass up this exhaustive and definitive release; it's one of those rare must-have offerings, and well worth the price of admission. (SPV/Fusion III)