Misfits "Halloween (Flufftronix vs. Cousin Cole Remix)"

Misfits 'Halloween (Flufftronix vs. Cousin Cole Remix)'
There's only one way to celebrate Halloween and sadly for the older generations out there, I'm not talking about Bobby "Boris" Pickett doing the "Monster Mash." I can already see the disproving sneer on the faces of true Misfits diehards, but with file-sharing services like Zshare and Sendspace, and the rise of MySpace, I've come to learn that no song is safe from a remix. And that includes the Misfits' tribute to everyone's favourite Pagan holiday. Originally remixed by Flufftronix, this version's been jacked up by Cousin Cole, half of NYC production duo Flagrant Fowl who've recently boosted the bass in Soulja Boy's "Crank Dat." According to reports this track is already a year old, but as expected the blogs are raising it from the dead once again for its timeliness. While it's completely uncalled for and will no doubt be trying to some, the half-way mark's choppy beats forcing Glenn Danzig to stutter is hilarious, considering the man himself would likely flex his 52-year-old pecs in disgust. Keeping the original's sinister temper, the beats skip to Danzig's cut and re-pasted vocal hop like it's a SuperBall. I imagine Diplo has this in store for the big night, wherever he may spin.

Download it here for free.

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