Mindless Self Indulgence/Tub Ring/Pimp Club Denim, Guelph ON - February 13, 2003

Getting the party started before a lukewarm crowd (maybe because of the subduing effects of the frigid air outside), Pimp offered Guelph a decent set of angsty metalcore that was slightly marred by a mix that was way too heavy on the bass. The antics of their guitarist, including his strip show finale, probably left a more enduring impression than their music. Next up, Tub Ring performed a chaotic hybrid of show tunes and hardcore that was well received in the rapidly filling bar. Animated and energetic, the whole band played up to the crowd, but Tub Ring's keyboardist was beyond intense. Placed in the foreground on stage, he flailed all over, frequently jumping up to perch on the edge of his keyboard stand while he played. By the time Mindless Self Indulgence walked out, with Little Jimmy Urine dressed all in Pepto-Bismol pink, people were hyped up and already crowding to the front. A backing track obviously provided MSI with their thick layer of Atari-generated sounds, but in this case the pre-programming did nothing to lessen the spontaneity or the energy. Dancing all over the place, Urine even ventured out atop the bars lining the side and back of the venue. Bassist Lyn Z took a few stage dives herself, twisting and somersaulting above the seething mass. Urine encouraged audience participation, letting the fans sing the verses of "Faggot" and pulling a guy in a cow suit on stage to suck his udders. Other memorable events included Urine's theft of a giant inflatable Corona bottle from a go-go booth and subsequent bottle-clutching dive into the crowd. Amidst all the insanity, MSI delivered a tight and dynamic performance, leaving their devotees no room for disappointment.